Here are the many features available from Boston Global Tracking.


Boston Global Tracking Uses Google Maps to Provide “Best in Class” Functionality

Our mapping module incorporates fleet_status_maptools such Satellite and Hybrid views along with Google Street View to give you a crystal clear picture as to the exact location of your fleet vehicles. CountryWide also offers other standard key features that allow you to:

+ Easily zoom in and out
+ See all “Saved Locations” on the map with a
click of the mouse
+ User-Friendly map mobility
+ Access full screen “Street View”
+ See current traffic activity with Google “Traffic”
+ See key metrics for each vehicle by clicking the
vehicle icon
+ View color coded fleet tags for easy correlation
to a specific fleetsaved_location_map
+ Scan color coded vehicle icons denoting
stopped, idling or moving vehicles
+ Know approximate stop times of each vehicle
shown in the actual map icon
+ View complete fleet activity report for instant
location of any vehicle in your account


Reliable Notification of Vehicle Activity Triggers
Report Sample - Alerts
Boston Global Tracking provides you with a complete set of alerts that are triggered when specific vehicle events occur. Our alerts can be sent to you via text message to your mobile phone or by email. Receive immediate notification of the following events:+ Enter Location
+ Exit Location
+ Speed
+ Sensor Engaged
+ Extended Idle
+ Extended Stop
+ Movement
+ Ignition On
+ Temperature
+ Low battery


Never miss an oil change againmaintenance

Our maintenance module allows you to build custom service points and intervals for your fleet and assign them to your vehicles quickly and easily. Our “First Time” feature allows you to enter the remaining miles /hours/days until the first newly entered service then the system will start the specified counter as defined in the system. For operators of heavy equipment we allow service points to be tracked by elapsed engine hours. This makes it possible to remotely monitor engine activity for your bulldozers, backhoes and other construction assets – eliminating the need to assign field technicians to handle this task. Our maintenance alerts ensure that you have adequate notification of upcoming service due and our early warning system gives you the option to receive periodic updates before the actual date of service.

Report Sample - Maintenance


Guide Your Trucks Though Their Routes – With Safety & Efficiencyrouting

Our Routing module will give you the ability to set-up a route, save it and dispatch the route to one of your drivers. Once a route is dispatched it is displayed in the vehicle, on a Garmin navigation device, with voice guided, turn-by-turn directions to each listed stop. Text messages may also be sent to the Garmin device independently or with the corresponding stop. As your vehicles progress through their routes you can check their current status and compliance by viewing the dispatch tab. Routes can also be dispatched at future dates and times as needed. Our ability to integrate with your 3rd party routing software also gives you the ability to send your routing data to our CountryWide fleet management application for insertion into our routing module. This ensures you will receive accurate “real-time” updates with reference to your vehicles’ route activity.


Communicate with your Mobile Workforce in Real-time Using the CountryWide Messaging ModuleMessaging Link for New Website

Our messaging module enables two way communications between you and your mobile workforce. Messages can be sent to individual vehicles or entire fleets. Drivers can respond as needed and may also send messages of their own back to your operations personnel. Our “canned” messages feature offers you the ability to send pre-defined saved messages to your mobile personnel. They can reply with specific “canned” responses you have selected for that message. Use of the CountryWide messaging module reduces the need to use cell phones to contact your mobile workforce and can provide recorded validation of communications activity with your mobile personnel in the field.


DispatchDispatch Link for New Website 6-2-10
View Route Compliance and Decrease Mobile Response Time with Our Comprehensive Dispatch Module

The CountryWide dispatch module makes it
possible to see “Enroute”, “Arrival” and “Departure” times for your vehicles at each stop on their route. This gives you the data you need to make adjustments to ensure your response times are at optimum levels. Using our dispatch module will remove the guesswork involved in determining your vehicle locations and their position in relation to the stops on their routes. Now when a customer calls to ask about the arrival time of your mobile personnel all that is required for an accurate answer is a quick check using the dispatch module.


Monitor Vehicle Accessory Activity with Our State-Of-The-Art Sensors sensors

Our Multiplexer, used in conjunction with the Right Trac, gives you the option of using multiple sensors to track activity for events such as Door Open/Close, Alarm on/off, Lights On/Off, PTO on/off and other user-defined triggers. The CountryWide Sensor module also gives a user the ability to configure sensors based on a variety of wiring platforms so if a sensor is wired incorrectly it can usually be reconfigured from the CountryWide application. This saves the time of having an installer revisit the device to change the wiring scheme. Here is a short list of additional sensors you may access if needed –
+ Dome Light On/Off
+ Boom On/Off
+ Horn On/Off
+ Plow On/Off
+ Lift On
+ Siren On/Off