Right Trac
Big Things Really Do Come in Small Packages

Right TracThe size of a credit card, our flagship GPS fleet tracking device, the Boston Global Tracking Right Trac, has been engineered to function with optimum performance in covert installation environments. With no external antennas and no detachable power cables the device is virtually tamper-proof. Installed under a vehicle’s dashboard the Right Trac sends location metrics back to our servers for dissemination into a customer’s CountryWide account. This is all done without any visible or audible distinctions in the vehicle cab. Using a high-powered GPS antenna the Right Trac provides very accurate data as to the speed, location and heading of your vehicles. This ensures that all mapping and travel data is reliable and useful while furnishing you with the information needed to make critical management decisions regarding the profitability of your fleet. The Right Trac is also configured to work with a large variety of ancillary terminals. This makes developing compatible systems for use with your existing mobile data terminals much easier than normal. We have in the past and continue to develop custom mobile workforce solutions using hardware from industry giants such as Intermec, Motorola and QSI. Whether acting as the “lighthouse” for the CountryWide fleet management system or enabling the transit of mobile data to third party software applications the Right Trac is built to provide the best in location metrics for use in managing your fleet.