Here are the many features available from Boston Global Tracking.

Boston Global Tracking Uses Google Maps to Provide “Best in Class” Functionality

Our mapping module incorporates fleet_status_maptools such Satellite and Hybrid views along with Google Street View to give you a crystal clear picture as to the exact location of your fleet vehicles. CountryWide also offers other standard key features that allow you to:

+ Easily zoom in and out
+ See all “Saved Locations” on the map with a
click of the mouse
+ User-Friendly map mobility
+ Access full screen “Street View”
+ See current traffic activity with Google “Traffic”
+ See key metrics for each vehicle by clicking the
vehicle icon
+ View color coded fleet tags for easy correlation
to a specific fleetsaved_location_map
+ Scan color coded vehicle icons denoting
stopped, idling or moving vehicles
+ Know approximate stop times of each vehicle
shown in the actual map icon
+ View complete fleet activity report for instant
location of any vehicle in your account