Miles by State - IFTA

mileage-by-stateThe Miles by State Report gives you the total miles traveled in a state by a specific vehicle or fleet, over a date range. This report is extremely helpful in computing IFTA fuel taxes which are calculated by multiplying a state mandated tax rate by the amount of miles traveled in the state. Easily export to an MS Excel file for easy integration with your IFTA tax software.

Electronic Driver Logs

Electronic Driver Logs
A Long Haul Driver’s Best Friend…

The Reltima HOS Electronic Driver Log System ena  imageedit_10_5104848992

bles long haul truck drivers to complete their “hours of service” log entries quickly and easily with just a few keystrokes. Using a mobile data terminal located in the cab a driver may easily change status designations while the system automatically time stamps and records the location. The system eliminates the need for paper log books and makes the manual administration and documentation of these records a thing of the past. Eliminate the guesswork of gauging driver DOT compliance and reduce payroll costs associated with managing these records. HOS Log DetailThe Reltima HOS Electronic Driver Log System offers…

+ Real-Time, web-based data
+ Reduced driver time spent filling out logs
+ Sharp reductions in man hours spent processing, archiving and retrieving saved log data
+ Easy-to-read driver logs detail status change location and current compliance status
+ Track trucks and use reports, alerts and maintenance planning to improve fleet management systems
+ Increased productivity and profitability
+ Higher levels of compliance result in less DOT fines

Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking
imageedit_7_5071080300Trailer Tracking from Boston Global Tracking

Helping customers to end the expense and workload of finding lost or stolen trailers Boston Global Tracking is proud to offer a top-notch trailer tracking system. Our trailer tracking system incorporates our award winning CountryWide platform and has over 10 years of experience in provisioning and supporting hardware solutions used in tracking trailers across the world. Our clients who track both tractors and trailers to do so in the same application. This eliminates the need for 2 separate tracking systems. Our ability to fit multiple GPS tracking form factors into the same application allows you to track your vehicles, trailers, refrigerated units and heavy equipment all on the same screen. The Trailer Location Unit offers the following features…

+ A highly integrated, all-in-one asset tracking device including: GPS receiver, satellite transmitter, integral
battery, integral antennas packaged in a rugged enclosure
+ Battery life provides 5+ years of twice daily location reports
+ Compact enclosure designed to attach easily, with either screws or auto-body grade adhesive, to the top of a
cargo container, railcar, trailer or other asset
+ Rugged design provides years of outside service in automotive and rail applications
+ Dynamic and powerful feature set allows for easy set & forget configuration
+ GeoFencing and Motion Sensor activation available

Remote Refer Temp Monitoring

SmartTemp Remote Refrigerated Temperature Sensor
Monitor Your Mobile Refrigerated Assets with Boston Global

Tracking SmartSensor…imageedit_8_9684696450

Our SmartTemp application is designed to display
critical data with regard to mobile refrigerated compartments on trucks and trailers. The Right Trac with SmartTemp add-on, coupled with the CountryWide reporting application gives the user the ability to see running temperature readings with alerts to notify personnel of any potential problems with regard to the refrigeration status of a vehicle’s cargo. Implementation of the system is of critical importance in the food & beverage industries to reduce the incidence of damaged perishables due to changes in refrigeration conditions.The Boston Global Tracking SmartTemp refrigerated temperature monitoring system can provide fast ROI with regard to
saved shipments of perishable goods.The system offers the following features…

+ Provides consistent & accurate temperature readings
+ Temperatures are viewable in activity reports
+ Set alerts for High/Low threshold breaches
+ Device may be installed outside for use in refrigerated trailers

Saving just one shipment of perishables from loss due to rising temperatures can pay for the system.
Call us today for more information on protecting your refrigerated fleet.

Data Exchange

Boston Global Tracking Data Exchange
Seamless Integration with Your Third Party Softwareimageedit_11_2362030521

Our application development teams are experts at building GPS data exchange and file transfer programs needed to enable the transmission of location based data to your company’s 3rd party software applications. Our servers use proprietary redundant back-up systems along with secure transfer protocols to make sure your data is protected and delivered securely. Our GPS driven location data can give a software development expert the tools needed to greatly enhance existing corporate legacy systems or those used for dispatch, appointment tracking and/or mobile workforce management. Our flagship GPS Tracking device, the Right Trac, is the flashpoint from where this data transfer activity begins.
Then, after transmission over a wireless network, the data is delivered to our servers – where it is sorted and cataloged and then sent, via a specified file format,
to the client server for dissemination into the designated 3rd party application.
We can also use multiple file formats for data transfer such as XML,
FTP and Web Services so that we may satisfy your file sharing requirements.


Boston Global Tracking SmartButton

The Boston Global Tracking SmartButton is a configurable counting device used to count passengers and delineate entry and exit points for vehicle occupants or cargo. The device can also be used as a notification beacon for emergency purposes. The SmartButton is extremely easy to use. Simply click the buttons to populate the LED display with the number of passengers either picked up or dropped off and the data will be sent to the CountryWide fleet management application for display in the report module. Location and time stamped data can be matched with pick-up and drop-off activity for more efficient billing validation and support. A detailed activity report can also be reviewed to monitor all historical count activity.

The SmartButton Works Well in the Following Applications
+ Taxi pick-up & drop-off activity
+ Limousine pick-up & drop-off activity
+ Cargo Delivery Activity
+ School bus/transportation Activity
+ Paratransit Services

Mobile Timecard

Boston Global Tracking Mobile Timecard Tracking
Finally – An accurate, cost effective solution to the problem of mobile timecard data entry

Inaccurate mobile timecard data entry and poor mobile workforce record keeping are a thing oftime clock
the past with our mobile timecard solution.This new application gives your drivers
the ability to remotely log on and off the clock using a Garmin navigation device located in
the vehicle cab.Thedriver also has the option of logging in and out for lunch and breaks.
This data,which displays a location and time stamp, is then processed and sent to a driver
status report which can be utilized for management review and payroll processing.
Payroll data entered into the mobile timecard system can also be sent to ADP or
other payroll service vendors for processing into paychecks or direct deposits.
The Boston Global Tracking Mobile Timecard System also offers the following features:

+ Enter user-defined work statuses to fit your specific work time designations
+ Match work statuses to payroll categories to track normal hours and overtime
+ Run status reports to detail work activity for payroll processing
+ Easy integration with ADP and other payroll processing vendors
+ Helps keep better track of actual start/end work time for take-home fleets
+ Use our Begin/End day report to correlate with login/log-off times
Our mobile tracking systems solve the long-standing problem of validating actual hours worked in the field. With the ability to more closely monitor an employee’s mobile work activity companies can reduce the cost and liability of housing corporate fleets on site. The Boston Global Tracking Mobile Timecard System makes it possible for an employee to begin and end his/her workday from home. The high level of discrete supervision provided by the system allows the corporate fleet to run more efficiently thereby lowering expenses and increasing profits across the board. For a dealer demonstration on how the system works please contact us at .


Engine Analytics, Inspection Compliance and Fault Codes
Our FleetMD application gives you the ability to see inspection compliance and fault codes in near real-time. The system also displays engine analytics to alert you to current or potential malfunctions in your vehicle’s powertrain. The FleetMD system also –

+ Gives detailed reports revealing current trouble/fault codes
+ Displays current Pass/Fail status for all vehicle inspections
+ Monitors O2 sensors, Catalytic Converter and other emissions activity
+ Performs engine diagnostics to detail where service is needed
+ Results in longer vehicle life and a reduced carbon footprint