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Purchasing New Technology: When to pull the trigger

Technology moves so fast today that making a technology purchase for your business or for personal use can be horribly mind boggling. “When I purchase will I find what I just bought obsolete?” “Will the price drop?” It seems today either the next greatest is thing is coming out next week or the price is […]

Some Cool New Technology

I came across this article from the Telegraph about some cool new technology that can help make driving safer. Glow in the dark roads to debut in 2013 Jan 8 2013 Researchers in the Netherlands have designed a ‘Smart Highway’, which glows in the dark and even warns drivers when it’s icy.   A "Smart […]

Beware of the Yellow Light: Cities and Towns Reducing Times to Increase Revenues

“The National Motorists Association has a warning for the millions of drivers hitting the road for the busy holiday travel season: Beware of the yellow lights.

The timing of yellow lights on traffic signals at many intersections is purposely set to a minimum so more drivers can be ticketed for running red lights, says the 30-year-old activist group based in Waunakee, Wis.

New Study Verifies Value of GPS Fleet Tracking

Research Verifies GPS Fleet Tracking Services Value The Aberdeen Group, one of America’s most trusted names in business intelligence, has been researching the mobile service business market as to what are the external market conditions that are driving organizations with mobile workforces to adopt GPS Fleet Tracking technology as a means to increase profitability. The […]

Distracted Driving, Liability and What You Can Do About it.

Distracted driving has become one of the biggest issues in terms of liability for any business with a fleet on the road.  Businesses with 1 driver to thousands all need to understand the potential liabilities that distracted driving can  have on their business. As evidence from a recent lawsuit against Coca Cola, even having a […]