GPS Fleet Tracking: Tips on How to Buy

The development of fleet tracking software has been a real boon for the fleet tracking industry. Now, instead of driver logs or guesswork, fleet managers can know for sure just where each and every one of their drivers are. They can look at actual facts and figures and adjust their fleets accordingly. They can also better manage driver behavior, watch fuel costs, and gain a better understanding of financials.

Fleet tracking software has grown to be so popular within the industry that numerous software solutions are now available, and more seem to be popping up every day. Any Business Owner or Fleet Manager considering purchasing a software solution will want to do his or her homework before settling on one.  Businesses as small as 3 vehicles to 1,000’s can now cost effectively take advantage of GPS fleet tracking.

Size vs. Quality

Just because a supplier is the biggest doesn’t mean they’re the best. This holds true in more categories than just fleet tracking. Think about it. Did they get to be the biggest by developing a strong base of happy customers year after year? A big company could be more interested in size and growth than they are in the happiness of individual customers. On the flip side, a small outfit with no history to speak of could also be just as uncertain a choice. It’s important to find not just a software platform that meets your needs but a company you’re comfortable with as well.  Is the customer service local or overseas, who do call when you have an issue?  Local, personal service with a National presence and good referrals is best.

How easy is the software to use?

Every software system is different. If the design and framework weren’t researched and tested thoroughly before being introduced to the market, if the user interface is not user-friendly, or if the company doesn’t invest in improving their technology, you might not want to do business with them.

Is the provider willing to let you try before you buy? If so, then they’ve probably had quite a bit of positive feedback about how easy-to-use and robust their system is, and that’s why they’re more than happy to show you how their platform performs before you make any kind of commitment.   If a company is eager to provide a free demo, that’s a good thing.  Training:  do you get a bill and a thanks or is there a committed contact to help train employees?  Training and help when needed is important and should not come at extra costs.

What’s the cost?

Of course price will always be a concern. You probably have a set budget and you probably had to fight hard to get it. As with anything in life, the phrase “you get what you pay for” tends to be true. The cheapest systems may be the most difficult to learn or work with, and customer service may be lacking. Remember, for example, that if an expensive piece of equipment goes missing you want as much help as possible getting it back.

Remember, “Price Without  Quality is Never a Bargain” Be wary of free equipment or very low monthly fees iz3bekm.

In the End, Do Your Homework

Like with any important purchase, rushing in without fully exploring all the options is an unwise decision. Look around. Talk to people you trust. Ask for references and case studies. Finding the right provider is key to not only landing on a product that you’re happy with, but one that can provide you with the insights you’re looking for. After all, if you buy a product you never end up using because it’s either too complicated or too poorly designed, then you really would be better off having never bought the product in the first place. Sadly, you’d be missing out on the many advantages fleet tracking software can provide.

Making a Case for Asset Tracking

You just went out and made a huge investment: brand new trailer and Bobcat.  Now imagine finding out your Bobcat and its trailer has gone missing. It was there on Friday now its gone on Monday. This equipment is worth well over $100,000 altogether, causing instant panic.  This is where asset tracking comes into play.  By tracking you significantly increase your chances of recovering your stolen assets instead of having to replace them.  No downtime, no insurance hassles.  Another huge factor is unauthorized use of equipment.  With asset tracking owners can now monitor equipment and be notified if it is being used without authorization.

Asset tracking is one of the additional features that a full featured GPS tracking company can provide for your business.  When choosing a company make sure that you have the ability not only to track your vehicles but assets as well.  The ability to expand, easily create reports and local service are factors to consider.  Not all companies are the same.  Choose one with good history and a local presence to provide your service.

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