10 Reasons why Fleet Management GPS tracking system can help your business save money and create better efficiency for your fleet

Implementing a Fleet Management GPS tracking system can have a significant positive impact on your business by saving money and improving efficiency in various ways. Here are 10 reasons why it can be beneficial:

  1. Route Optimization: GPS tracking systems can provide real-time traffic and road data, helping your drivers choose the most efficient routes. This reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles.
  2. Fuel Cost Reduction: By optimizing routes and monitoring driver behavior, you can significantly reduce fuel consumption. This translates into substantial cost savings over time.
  3. Maintenance Alerts: GPS systems can track vehicle diagnostics and notify you when maintenance is due. This proactive approach prevents costly breakdowns and extends the lifespan of your vehicles.
  4. Driver Behavior Monitoring: GPS tracking allows you to monitor driver behavior, such as speeding, idling, and harsh braking. This helps in reducing accidents, insurance premiums, and maintenance costs.
  5. Asset Tracking: In addition to vehicles, GPS systems can track other assets like trailers and equipment. This reduces the risk of theft and ensures that your assets are being used efficiently.
  6. Improved Dispatching: With real-time location information, you can dispatch the closest and most suitable vehicle for a job. This minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.
  7. Reduced Overtime: Accurate tracking of work hours helps prevent unnecessary overtime costs. It ensures that employees are compensated fairly and accurately.
  8. Insurance Savings: Many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems. This can result in lower insurance premiums.
  9. Customer Service: GPS tracking allows you to provide customers with accurate arrival times and better service. Satisfied customers are more likely to be repeat clients.
  10. Compliance and Reporting: Fleet Management GPS systems can help you comply with regulations by automatically recording data required for reporting, such as driver hours of service (HOS). This minimizes the risk of fines and penalties.

In summary, implementing a Fleet Management GPS tracking system can help your business save money by optimizing routes, reducing fuel costs, preventing maintenance issues, and improving driver behavior. It also enhances efficiency through better dispatching, asset tracking, and customer service, ultimately leading to a more profitable and competitive fleet operation.

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5 Ways GPS Tracking Systems Saves Money And Increases Efficiency

Having a GPS tracking system can provide many benefits to a business with a fleet of vehicles. Here are some ways in which it can help save money and increase efficiency:

  1. Route optimization: GPS tracking systems can provide real-time information about traffic, road conditions, and other factors that can affect the efficiency of a driver’s route. By using this information, a business can optimize routes, reduce travel time, and save on fuel costs.
  2. Reduced idle time: GPS tracking systems can track how long a vehicle is idle and alert the driver to turn off the engine. This can help reduce fuel consumption and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the engine.
  3. Improved driver behavior: GPS tracking systems can monitor driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, and acceleration. By providing feedback to drivers about their behavior, businesses can encourage safer and more efficient driving, which can reduce accidents, save on maintenance costs, and improve fuel efficiency.
  4. Asset tracking: GPS tracking systems can help businesses keep track of their vehicles and equipment. By knowing where their assets are at all times, businesses can prevent theft, reduce the risk of unauthorized use, and improve overall asset utilization.
  5. Better customer service: GPS tracking systems can provide businesses with real-time information about the location of their vehicles. This can help them provide better customer service by giving customers accurate information about delivery times and estimated arrival times.

Overall, having a GPS tracking system can help businesses save money and increase efficiency by optimizing routes, reducing idle time, improving driver behavior, tracking assets, and improving customer service. Contact Boston Global Tracking for assistance.

Here are 5 steps every successful business should take to improve the customer experience

1.  Make a Positive First Impression:  First impressions are lasting impressions. If your business makes a positive first impression on a customer, they are more likely to give repeat business and refer you to colleagues and friends.
2.  Provide Quick Response Times:  Customers don’t like to be kept waiting. It’s important that your employees arrive on schedule and complete jobs in a timely manner.
3. Carry Out Your Promise:  If you provide your customer with an ETA, make sure it’s accurate. Not only that, but make sure the job you said you would do, gets done. It’s better to under promise and over deliver.
4. Do it Right the First Time:  Carelessness and mistakes can really hurt your business. Make sure the job is done right the first time, so you can avoid
customer complaints and lost business.
5.  Listen to Your Customers:  Your customers want to feel appreciated. It’s important to engage with and listen to your customers. You can even
create a loyalty program where you provide customers with special offers
or discounts. This will show that you value your customers.
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2016 Section 179 Expiring Soon – Act Now to Save!

As the year is quickly coming to an end it is time to think about how your taxes will be affected for the year.  One thing many businesses consider is purchasing new equipment.

If you are considering acquiring equipment in the near future or are a supplier looking to save your customers money, Section 179 impacts you!

As part of the IRS Tax Code, Section 179 allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of certain assets financed or leased and put into service during the tax year. Accelerating depreciation rather than spreading the deduction over the item’s useful life provides a larger tax deduction come tax time. With a $500,000 maximum deduction available, you could keep a lot more money in your pocket.

Additionally, since Section 179 covers new and used equipment or software, you can get the equipment you need now, take the full tax benefit now, and spread your expense over a multi-year financing term, thus significantly reducing your true cost of ownership.

Equipment could be things like new vans or trucks, tools, heavy duty equipment and even a GPS tracking system to help manage your business.

It is important to contact your tax advisor before making a purchase to make sure you qualify and what impact a substantial purchase would have on your taxes.

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oston Global Tracking Announces New Mobile Apps Available For Apple and Android Devices

Boston Global Tracking Announces New Mobile Apps Available For Apple and Android Devices

Boston Global Tracking has now available mobile apps for all of our customers at no additional charge.  Our IT team has spent over 6 months creating an app that will deliver the information you need most for your phone or tablet.

Please email me a request to activate this new feature on your account.  robert@bostonglobaltracking.com Instructions on use and how to download the application will follow.  Again, there is no charge for this new feature but you do need to send me a request for activation