Some Cool New Technology

I came across this article from the Telegraph about some cool new technology that can help make driving safer.

Glow in the dark roads to debut in 2013

Jan 8 2013

Researchers in the Netherlands have designed a ‘Smart Highway’, which glows in the dark and even warns drivers when it’s icy.
A "Smart Highway" which glows in the dark and can also warn drivers when conidtions are icy will open in the Netherlands in the middle of this year.

The glow in the dark roads use hi-tech photoluminescent paint, which charges up during daylight hours before "turning on" at night.

Created by Dutch companies Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure, the roads can glow for up to 10 hours at night, reducing or even removing the need for street lighting.

The researchers have also developed a temperature-sensitive road paint which shows ice crystals when the temperature falls below freezing to warn drivers of slippery conditions.

Other ideas from the designers include road lights that illuminate only when vehicles approach, in order to save energy when there is no traffic, as well as road lights powered by wind generated by passing cars, and "induction priority lanes" to charge electric cars as they pass over coils under the Tarmac.

Robert Drucker, owner of Boston Global Tracking provides GPS fleet tracking for business and personal use.  Safety of employees, family and friends is a major part of what Boston Global Tracking provides for his customers.