Beware of the Yellow Light: Cities and Towns Reducing Times to Increase Revenues

Below is a reprint from an article by Mike Magner for the National Journal at on November 11, 2012.

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“The National Motorists Association has a warning for the millions of drivers hitting the road for the busy holiday travel season: Beware of the yellow lights.

The timing of yellow lights on traffic signals at many intersections is purposely set to a minimum so more drivers can be ticketed for running red lights, says the 30-year-old activist group based in Waunakee, Wis.
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Top Myths About Fleet GPS Tracking

If you have never tried Fleet GPS Tracking technology for your company, you are missing out. Over the past several years, we have heard a ton of myths – this article was created to address those myths – fact to face.
MYTH # 1. “We trust our employees, therefore we don’t need fleet GPS tracking.”
The integrity of your employees is not on the line, at all. Fleet GPS tracking was not created to monitor your employees. It is placed to lower fuel costs, increase efficiency, enhance fleet management and provide safety for your employees. This program was invented to help the fleet industry.

MYTH # 2. “My drivers will quit if I insult them with fleet GPS tracking.”
We have worked with small and large companies and our experience in this industry shows that your drivers will be fine with the fleet GPS tracking program. In fact, most employees learn to love the benefits of the GPS tracking. Especially the fact that they can avoid road blocks and shorten their days with the efficiency of the program. In most cases, the fleet GPS tracking reduces time-consuming paperwork and also offers added security for drivers.

MYTH #3. “It’s too much work to install the fleet GPS tracking”
Installing the systems are very easy and the program itself is incredibly user friendly. Most fleet managers find that it’s easier to multi-task, even if they have a huge fleet on the road. The system gathers data and information in an organized fashion. Driver’s Alert also provides top of the line training so that the company is left comfortable.

MYTH # 4. “GPS tracking isn’t a necessity.”
It may not be a necessity, but it saves you money in almost every direction. In this economy, I look at it as a necessity. You can track every vehicle with the click of a button. Fleet managers are able to multi-task, taking safety, delivery times as well as vehicle maintenance into consideration. Fleet GPS tracking may not be a “necessity” but they are definitely a huge benefit to any company with a fleet.

Using GPS fleet tracking can be of benefit to many types of businesses.  On average, businesses see a return on investment in as little as 6 months.  Boston Global Tracking offers a free 1 week trial to test what tracking can do for your business.