10 Ways to Improve Your Business with GPS Tracking

GPS tracking can do more than improve your fleet operations, it can help improve your entire business. The benefits of implementing a GPS tracking system extend beyond the day-to-day operations that fleet managers and drivers use the technology for, allowing you to get more from your business than you ever thought possible.

1. Maximize Labor – For many businesses, payroll is one of the biggest overhead expenses. Using a fleet tracking system to improve driver accountability translates to higher profits because you can ensure that your employees are actually working while they’re on the clock. This is not just limited to driving. Monitoring PTO events can help in industries that use heavy equipment.

2. Minimize Fuel – In the long run, fuel prices are only going to increase. This means that fleet managers and business owners must change habits and increase efficiency to help control fuel budgets.

3. Speed Up Billing – Good managers know that the faster you can send bills, the faster you get paid, which means better cash flow and more control overall. With GPS tracking, administrative staff members have the power to bill faster with less errors.
4. Reduce Insurance Costs – Insurance companies love GPS tracking systems because they help reduce accidents, improve driver accountability, and allow companies to enforce safety policies. You get all of these benefits plus lower insurance rates.

5. Improve Customer Service – The more quickly and efficiently you can provide service to your customers, they happier they will be. This translates to more loyal customers, more referrals, and ultimately more revenue for you.

6. Operate More Efficiently – Maximizing efficiency is one of the best ways to boost the bottom line. Faster dispatching, optimized routes, and easier time tracking all help your business become more efficient.

7. Protect Your Assets – Vehicles are valuable assets that are not always easy to replace, especially for small businesses. Fleet management software helps you prevent theft and abuse, and keeps equipment in top shape with maintenance reminders.

8. Be More Flexible – Business owners can track fleets on the go.This is especially useful for owner-operators who need to monitor activity while in the field themselves.

9. Be Green – Reducing your environmental footprint is becoming more important than ever, especially for businesses that want a competitive edge.

10. Understand Your Business Better – Robust reporting tools and driver analytics allow you to truly understand how your fleet operates, which means you have all the information you need to make important business decisions.

Robert is owner of Boston Global Tracking. Helping many businesses by providing GPS tracking.