Making a Case for Asset Tracking

You just went out and made a huge investment: brand new trailer and Bobcat.  Now imagine finding out your Bobcat and its trailer has gone missing. It was there on Friday now its gone on Monday. This equipment is worth well over $100,000 altogether, causing instant panic.  This is where asset tracking comes into play.  By tracking you significantly increase your chances of recovering your stolen assets instead of having to replace them.  No downtime, no insurance hassles.  Another huge factor is unauthorized use of equipment.  With asset tracking owners can now monitor equipment and be notified if it is being used without authorization.

Asset tracking is one of the additional features that a full featured GPS tracking company can provide for your business.  When choosing a company make sure that you have the ability not only to track your vehicles but assets as well.  The ability to expand, easily create reports and local service are factors to consider.  Not all companies are the same.  Choose one with good history and a local presence to provide your service.

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