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Truck and Business Equipment Theft Prevention

Over the past several months problems with commercial vehicle and equipment theft has been in the news. It seems to be a growing problem for many commercial businesses with fleets of vehicles and expensive equipment. Often located in out of the way places thieves find these businesses easy targets.

Return on Investment: Price Without Quality is Never a Bargain.

Decisions Decisions. Spending money is never easy. Especially when it comes to small business spending. Making investments in things like equipment, new hires, and real estate are always tough choices. Am I spending too much? Is it the right equipment? Will the price be better next week? Small business owners are always up against these […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Business with GPS Tracking

GPS tracking can do more than improve your fleet operations, it can help improve your entire business. The benefits of implementing a GPS tracking system extend beyond the day-to-day operations that fleet managers and drivers use the technology for, allowing you to get more from your business than you ever thought possible. 1. Maximize Labor […]

GPS Fleet Tracking Can Lower Your Insurance Costs

There are many cost saving benefits to having investing in a GPS tracking system. While you can save substantially by cutting down on wasted fuel and labor, you can also reduce the amount of money your company is spending on insurance premiums. Many insurance companies recognize that when a company installs a GPS fleet tracking […]

Overcoming Resistance to New Policies and Technology.

Anytime managers or owners implement new policies there is bound to be resistance from some employees.  This is no more evident when a company implements GPS tracking and telematics to their fleet.  Learning how to implement vehicle monitoring systems in a positive way can help managers avoid pushback from drivers. Known Benefits of Telematics Push […]

Help the Environment and Save Money

In celebration of Earth Day many businesses and citizens are taking a closer look at what we can do to help our environment. One thing that we can all agree is that idling your car or truck has a negative impact on your health and wallet. Although most people realize that engine exhaust decreases outdoor […]